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SIG 3D Quality Working Group

Welcome at the Wiki of the SIG3D Quality Working Group

Consult the SIG3D web site for general information about the SIG3D.

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The Quality Concept of the SIG3D

Quality of 3D objects is a key prerequisite for a sustainable continuation of 3D city models. By developing this manual we want to create reliable conditions for all parties involved in the modeling process - Modeler, Data Owners and Developers.

This public version of the Wiki was developed by the SIG3D Quality Working Group and represents the essence of intensive discussions over the last years. We want to give you some hints and recommendations about a "correct" modeling of 3D city model objects in CityGML. Please note that our goal was explicitely not to define rules for collecting source data for 3D city model objects.

The Quality Concept of the SIG3D Quality Working Group covers the whole process of generating a CityGML based city model. Based on general definitions we formulated a Modeling Guide for Buildings, so that we can define modular and transparent testing conditions usable in an application or project environment defined by Profiles. These are the necessary preconditions for a comprehensive and comparative Certification process. All these components are included as key components of a Standard Specifications ( in Germany a so called "Standardleistungsbuch" ) to ensure a sustainable and economically Continuation process of modeling and maintaining city models.
In case of errors, suggestions, recommendations or constructive criticism feel free to send us a mail to Quality Working Group of the SIG3D.
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